Roolikelk Hamax SnoFormel 95x53x15cm sinine

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Sno Formel


The Sno Formel is a steerable sledge that has won several design awards over the years and is one of Hamax’ best sellers●The Sno Formel has excellent sliding properties and steering and with its robust brakes you are guaranteed an enjoyable, safe ride on the slope●You should remember that a sledge with a steering wheel requires coordination between steering and braking●Small children should learn to achieve such coordination under the supervision of an adult●Great driving and turning qualities●Robust handbrake reinforced with steel spikes to enhance grip●Easy to assemble●Length: 95 cm●Approved: CE●Material: Cold-resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)●Recommended maximum load: 80 kg●Recommended minimum age: 4 years
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Sno Formel
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