Module - 180 m ice icicle chain with white LED light, extendable, connector at both ends of the chain, no rectifier / 24

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Brand: Lander
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• Important: There is a connector at both ends of the chain, no rectifier! The rectifier art must be purchased for use. MDL-1 start
• 180 cold-white LED light extensible low-voltage ice curtain type light curtain • Length: 3.5m • Up to 1000 lights can be connected • Light spacing 10 cm • Ice fin lengths are 3 lights, 4 lights, 6 lights, 7 lights, 3 lights Combining the series of modular lights -shaped divider, extension cable and Mdl-5-100 light chain can be used to design a suitable low-power original lighting solution between the chain connectors. For example, move the eaves around a window, from one balcony to another, from one window to another, and so on.
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