Hamax wheelchair Siesta, lockable, gray / black

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Hamax wheelchair Siesta, lockable, gray / black

Hamax wheelchair Siesta, lockable, gray / black

• Suitable for children from 9 months of age up to a maximum body weight of 22 kg.
• 20 degree reclining backrest.
• Attaches to the frame. Suitable for bicycles with a frame diameter of 28-40mm.
• Absorbs sudden shocks.
• Suitable for both wheels with and without luggage rack.
• The adjustable backrest position prevents the head of the child wearing the helmet from being pushed forward.
• Removable padding.
• Spoke protection.
• Easy to fasten with a few screws, "click" sounds when locked and a green mark appears when fastened correctly.
• Key-locking mounting bracket.
• Reflectors on the back of the chair.
• Releasable from the frame with light movement.

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